About us

Every Greyhound Inc is an independent registered charity. We promote greyhounds available for adoption.

We are here to help any one who would like to use our services to advertise their greyhound, or look for a greyhound to adopt. We are 100% volunteer operated.

We aim to be Australia’s directory of “Every Greyhound” looking for a pet home.

Every Greyhound and its administrators take all reasonable care but accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this website.

  • What we do

    We list greyhounds available for adoption, on our website. We promote those greyhounds through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

  • Got a question about a particular dog?

    All the information we have about each dog is in their profile. If we haven’t recorded something (such as whether the dog is cat friendly) it’s because we don’t know. Please contact the group that is caring for the dog. Each listing has an enquiry form that sends an email to the group caring for the dog.

  • We haven’t replied to you?

    Every Greyhound is run by a very small volunteer group. Sometimes, we may overlook an email or message. If we haven’t gotten back to you, sorry! Please get in touch again.

  • Which groups do we support?

    We don’t support groups – we support greyhounds in their care. We are always happy to list and promote every greyhound that needs a home, regardless of whose care they may be in.

  • Hey, you missed one!

    If there’s a greyhound that is advertised elsewhere as waiting for adoption and it’s not listed here, feel free to get in touch with a link to where it’s advertised. Most rehomers are delighted to get some extra assistance with promoting their dogs! There are a couple of groups that prefer to do their own promotion, and we respect that decision.

  • Want to rehome your dog?

    You’re very welcome to register on the website, and list your dog for adoption.

Layla – Sweet Potato

Melbourne, VIC

I'm Layla, and I'm a sleek black beauty and a gold-star sweetheart. I love couch cuddles and I live by the mantra: "If I fits, I sits". If you throw in a few back scratches, I'll be your...

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Clarence Gardens, SA

Meet Winter, a pretty little blue girl who is 2 years old. She has adjusted to home life with ease and is a quick and willing learner. Winter is very clean inside and does not get up t...

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Peterhead, SA

We have a very beautiful boy to introduce to you..... (Long snoot peeking around the corner)- Hi everyone......My name is Kasi. 🐾😊 and I raced as Brick Lane. My friends at BTG asked...

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Isaac – Couch Potato

Melbourne, VIC

Oh, hey thanks for stopping by! My name is Isaac, and when I ask for smooches, I'll come to you and do something funny – I put my head in your lap and my cute toosh in the air and gradua...

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