Our darling long Buoy is casting his net to look for a forever home! Buoy is a gorgeous, goofy brindle beauty with a black snoot and an overbite. Our gentle giant is playful, loveable and a bit of a smooch too.

Buoy is a shadow snoot, and you’ll often find him right under your feet, especially if you’re doing something that he’s decided he must be involved in. Like most greyhounds, Buoy thrives on a watertight routine – he enjoys a solid schedule of sleep, walkies, meals and snacks.

When people visit, Buoy is certain that they’ve come to visit him, and he’s sure to lap up any love and a scritch or two. Buoy is a social butterfly when it comes to humans, so much so that when he’s out on his walk, he’ll often get excited when he spots a human who most definitely needs to pat him.

Walks are the bee’s knees for Buoy, who will do happy hops and sometimes a cheeky jump when the lead comes out. He enjoys a twice-daily stretch of the legs for 30-45 minutes. He’s still working on his confidence with loud street noises and other animals, but his greyhound foster sister has helped enormously to provide a well-being buffer for their daily sniffaris.

During his time as a Gumtree Greys foster, Buoy's confidence has doubled, but he’ll still require an owner who can be his cheerleader and guide him through gentle, calm, and positive introductions with other animals and busy environments.

Buoy enjoys short-burst zoomies, so a yard would be ideal. When he’s not zooming, he’ll happily flop down for a long nap. He enjoys napping wherever you are! Buoy’s dream home looks like this: Humans who are home more often than not, and a resident large dog companion to show him the ropes.

Our good Buoy is a real catch, and he can’t wait to meet you!

No cat or small dog applications please.
No children under six.
No full-time workers unless working from home post COVID19 unless there is another dog.


  • Gender Male
  • Colour Brindle
  • Age 1 years 11 months
  • Adoption Fee $350.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Located Melbourne, VIC
  • Microchip Number 956000004950356
  • Source/DAB Number FC100739
  • Available for interstate adoption? No

Medical notes

All our dogs are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped.

Adoption process

We only consider applications who compete our online application.
When this is done we can make contact to discuss adopting a greyhound and potential suitable greys currently in foster care.https://www.gumtreegreys.com.au/adoption_enquiry/

Dogs are pack animals and Greyhounds, in particular, are very familiar with being surrounded by other dogs in their racing kennel environment. For this reason, when left alone without people or other dogs for company, they can be prone to separation anxiety which can manifest in destructive and/or noisy behaviour. Yes, they may "grow out" of it after a few weeks in their new home, but why put the dog through that stress to ultimately live all day alone, while everyone is at work? As a result we do not rehome dogs into households where they are left on their own for more than 4 hours per day, without either people or another dog for company.

Your home will require an initial “dog safe” Homecheck by Gumtree Greys. Payment of $350 for the placement is required at the time of the dog going into your home for the two week trial period. If you decide during the trial not to proceed with adopting the greyhound, your adoption fee will be reimbursed.

Outside of the trial period, the adoption fee will be relinquished to Gumtree Greys.

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