Meet our beautiful boy, Harry. Raced as “Chaddy Whacker”

Harry is a very calm dog who is quite independent but loves to have a cuddle and a neck scratch now and again during the day, he really enjoys his morning walk and loves interaction with other dogs, he is calm around them and will often instigate play with them.

He is great being outside for quite a long time by himself and would be ok by himself or with another dog for company, unfortunately he is not cat friendly.

He sleeps all night without any trouble and doesn’t get up and wander during the night.,

Harry loves his food and really enjoys a bone to chew on now and again, he just loves his treats too.
He can be a bit naughty in a cute puppy way and has not ever done any damage around the house except for the odd hole where he can get some soft soil, so would love a sand pit I think.

He is very good with small children and older ones as well, is great with men and women.

At present he sleeps on his bed and doesn’t seem too interested in the couches, though it is something I discourage.
He also loves his squeaky toys and loves to chase the ball and bring it back to you.

A lovely boy with the most soulful eyes, and a great nature. He will make a fantastic addition to any family wanting a bit more love in their lives.

If you think Harry might fit in your life, please contact us for an application.



  • Gender Male
  • Colour Black
  • Age 5 years
  • Adoption Fee $200.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Located Murray Bridge, SA
  • Available for interstate adoption? No

Adoption process

All BTG greyhounds are Desexed, C5 Vaccinated, Wormed & Heart Worm treated prior to adoption. They have been fostered for a minimum of 8 weeks to allow maximum training and preparation for home life.

A post adoption trial period of 4 weeks is available to help families decide if the greyhound is the right one for them.

We also offer Foster to Adopt options for those who love the idea of teaching a greyhound in their home with the view to adopt it once it has "graduated" to Home Life status. This is a wonderful experience, to watch it blossom in your own home with your guidance and love. An ideal way to make sure this is the perfect dog for you.

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