Hazel – Sweet Potato

Helloo, I’m Hazel! I’m a 1 year and 9 month old black beauty. I have the softest fur, and the most gorgeous floppy velvet ears – go on, feel them. I often wear one ear flopped stylishly on my head, and the other just does its own thing. My favourite things are walkies, playing chasey, dropping my head onto your lap, and of course quality controlling all snacks and pats.

If I want a cuddle, I’ll walk right up to you and plop my head in your lap. If I want those pats to keep coming, I’ll boop your hand with my snoot. Sometimes I might sneak in a little kiss or two – I’m ninja-quick! If I want to play – I’ll play. If I want to stop playing, I’ll just plonk myself down where I am and have a nap.

In the morning, I’ll appear by your bed and my snoot will vibrate with happiness and anticipation for the day. I can open pantry doors – watch out for that trick, and if your sandwich is unattended, I will rescue it from its lonely existence. I am also a bower-bird, gathering up goodies – a shoe, a sock, a toy to place in my bed – I’m a curator of odd pairings.

Like most young greyhounds, I am all legs and you will need to ensure good boundaries and continue training and socialisation. I am toilet trained, intelligent and a very cute snoot. Because I’m young, I’m still learning and so you will need to be patient with me but I will return the love ten-fold.

My ideal home will have a yard, a medium to large canine friend – a dog who is similarly full of beans. I need a friend who can keep up with my daily antics and we can tire each other out. I’m currently in care with greyhounds and a Labrador cross. If kids, 8+ because I’m still working on my spatial awareness skills.

Because of my love of snuggling, I’d love a home with part-time workers. I would enjoy a twice daily walk. So, if you have time enough for love and walks, no cats or small dogs, and can remember to put your sandwiches up high, I am most definitely the hound for you.

> Part-time workers
> Must have medium to large dog companion
> If kids, 8+ years old
> Not small dog or cat friendly


  • Gender Female
  • Colour Black
  • Age 1 years 9 months
  • Adoption Fee $320.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Microchip Number 956000009482970
  • Source/DAB Number EE100143
  • Available for interstate adoption? No

Adoption process


Fill out the contact form or email us at [email protected] to express interest in the hound that you are looking at. We'll send you an EOI form, this must be returned before proceeding.

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We'll phone you to discuss suitability, clarify any points of your application and chat process and next steps.


We'll come to you! The meet + greet is conducted at the same time that a house check is carried out. The meet + greet is the day that your newly adopted greyhound will be able to stay on with you.

Our adoption fee is $320.00 and must be paid on on the day of the meet + greet, and prior to starting your 2 week trial.

We have a 2 week trial, where support from our team is freely available. If you have any issues, we urge you to contact us to try and work through them, as all rescue greyhounds have some period of adjustment.

If, after the 2 week trial, you feel that you need to return the greyhound, we will refund your adoption fee (less a $50 administration fee), upon return of the dog and all paperwork and other items that the dog was adopted with.

All of our hounds are adopted out with the following:

> Collar, lead & coat
> Certificate of sterilisation & vaccination
> A 2.5 kg bag of Lifewise dog food
> Flea & worm treated
> Care information for your newly adopted greyhound
> Access to our private Facebook page for foster carers, volunteers and adopters of our hounds. A community with invaluable advice and support.

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GreytGreysRescue on December 3, 2019

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