Meet Jasper! At almost 3 years old, this boy is full of life! He's been adjusting well to pet life and is loving playing with toys and roaching on the couch.

Jasper has quickly learnt to go up and down stairs. He loves his daily walks, and walks really well with a harness. Jasper is toilet trained and will wait at the back door if he needs to go outside. Jasper gets along well with his foster sister (another greyhound) and is coping well being left outside during the day while his foster parents are at work.

Jasper has a big smile and loves playtime. He can be a little bit uncoordinated and his goofy antics like spinning around in the backyard every morning. Jaspar would do best with at least a small backyard for morning zoomies. This beautiful boy has a lot of love to give and would be very content curled up next to his new family.


  • Gender Male
  • Colour Black
  • Age 2 years 10 months
  • Adoption Fee $425.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Located Newcastle, NSW
  • Microchip Number 956000006671335
  • Supply Number NA
  • Available for interstate adoption? Yes

Adoption process

All Greyhounds saved through Friends of the Hound are:
intestinal and heartworm treated, and flea treated
supplied with collar, lead, toy, tag, muzzle and a warm dog coat
The adoption fee for each greyhound is $425.

This adoption fee also includes:
1 year Adult Annual membership to Friends of the Hound
1 year Fur Friend membership to Friends of the Hound
Ongoing after-adoption advice and support
Our Greyhounds are based on the Far North Coast, Central Coast, Hunter/Newcastle region, and Mid North Coast of NSW and Gold Coast, Greater Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast regions of QLD. This is due to the assistance of wonderful carers, members, volunteers and supporters in these areas.

Listed by

Friends of the Hound on November 16, 2021

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