Lenny is such a friendly guy, who is currently living harmoniously with another dog. Lenny can't wait to find his furever home and receive lots of love


  • Gender Male
  • Colour Black
  • Age 5 years
  • Adoption Fee $295.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Available for interstate adoption? Yes

Adoption process

1. Apply within
First, we'll get you to fill in an application adoption form.

Your answers in the form will tell us what you are looking for in your new family member we can either match you up with some suitable hounds or you can specify hounds that you're interested in.

2. Meet & greet
We will then arrange for you to meet the hound(s) with our Foster Liaison and you can decide who you think you might like to go on trial with.

You're more than welcome to meet as many greys and as many times.

3. Trial period
You and hound get an initial two week trial period to get to know each other better and see if you and greyhound is the one for you.

This is an adjustment period, and the greyhound might take awhile to adjust to it's new surroundings.

4. Finalisation
If all goes well after the two week trial, adoption can be finalised!

You'll have to sign some paperwork and pay the adoption fee of $295 AUD and includes sterilisation and all vaccinations of your new family member.

5. Join the party!
After the paperwork has been signed and the fee paid, the greyhound is almost officially yours! You will need to register your new buddy with your local council and you can join the greyhound Mums and Dads in the Territory to share and support your journey with your greyhound.

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