Robbo – senior

Are you looking for the ultimate wingman? Well, we have the man for you - Fat Papa G is in da hoooooouse!

Introducing Robbo, Mr Papagiorgio, Big Papa, Fat Papa G, the George Clooney of the greyhound world. This guy invented the ice breaker and he is smooooooth.

If he spots a human, any human, his face lights up, he gets a spring in his step and his tail becomes an enormous windmill propelling him towards them.

The first thing you notice about this guy, though is that he’s handsome. He’s a strong, well-built, thick set, red brindle stud. His silver face is misleading as he has the enthusiasm of a much younger dog, you just wouldn’t pick that he will celebrating his 9th birthday this year.

Robbo is one keen bean. Keen for a walk, keen for a nap, keen for a cuddle and super keen for a meal. Food is life and naps are sacred. He manages to conveniently roll these two activities by napping in the kitchen when he thinks he should be fed.

Robbo has heard some people say that greyhounds aren’t real dogs - they’re like cats. Robbo thinks that’s hate speech and cats are just mean cheeseburgers; he hasn’t got a good handle on bigotry, because he was born to love*.

Mr Papagiorgio is is king of the ‘puppy pile’ so a house with another medium to large dog is ideal as he adores a snuggle. Robbo would also be OK as a solo pooch as long as you bestow huge amounts of love on him. However, not just anyone can join the puppy pile, you have to earn your spot so any human hanging with Big Papa G needs to speak dog.

He’s the rugged outdoorsy type too so bonus points if you’ve got a doggy door and a backyard for some sun baking!
*Exclude possums, cats, and mean dachshunds.


  • Gender Male
  • Colour Brindle
  • Age 8 years
  • Adoption Fee $200.00
  • Desexed Yes

Adoption process

So, you have made the best decision of your life - to adopt a greyhound! Great, so what's next? Please read through our following four step adoption process and when you are ready, fill in the obligation-free Adoption Application Form:

STEP 1 - The Conversation
Complete our adoption application form and tell us about the type of greyhound you think will suit you and your family, as well as your previous experience with dogs and current circumstances. We aim to get the match right for both your sake and that of the greyhound, so please include as much detail as possible in your enquiry. Just like people, every greyhound is unique. Some prefer their own company and cherish their alone time, while others are happiest with other canine company. Some are very patient and are ideal for families with little children, and suit the size and energy of an older family or individual. Some greyhounds like other animals such as cats, while others prefer only the company of other greyhounds. Following receipt of your enquiry form, a volunteer from Greyhound Connections will contact you to chat about the greyhounds we have for adoption that may be suitable. Where possible, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the greyhound's breeder, trainer or owner to discover as much of the greyhound's history as possible.

STEP 2 - The Meet 'n Greet
Once we have found a greyhound that might be a good match we will contact you to arrange an obligation-free meet 'n greet. This might be at your house or at a place where the greyhound is currently living, or in a public place such as a park or cafe. You will get a chance to meet the dog in person and ask any further questions you may have. If you are feeling confident about the greyhound, we will talk about arranging a trial.

STEP 3 - The Trial
To ensure the fit is right for both your family and the greyhound, we recommend a three week trial. This will help you to see if you and the greyhound settle in together, and become accustomed to each other's behaviours. The greyhound will come with their own muzzle and martingale collar. Additionally you can also request a Starter Pack that includes a greyhound-sized bed, a lead, a greyhound coat and a squeaky toy (payment for the Starter Pack will be requested on completion of a successful trial). We will also provide you with our adoption handbook that provides you with necessary greyhound-related information and all of your greyhound's personal details. You will be encouraged to contact us and the breeder, trainer or owner if you have any questions through the trial period. We will be here to support you and the greyhound all the way, and love to hear how the greyhound is settling in.

STEP 4 - The Adoption
Following a successful trial, we will work with you to finalise the adoption of your new family member. This includes signing our adoption form, registering the greyhound under your name with your local animal services authority and providing proof of this, and your payment of the adoption fee, plus the the starter pack if you requested it. We will continue to be here for any support you or your greyhound may need.

We charge a $200 adoption fee on completion of a successful trial.

Additionally you can also request a $90 Starter Pack that includes a greyhound-sized bed, a lead, a greyhound coat and a squeaky toy (payment for the Starter Pack will be requested on completion of a successful trial).

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Greyhound Connections Inc on September 10, 2019

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