Suzy is a playful girl who likes to play rough and tumble with you! She will talk to you when playing, often to yell at you because you stopped playing and she wasn't ready to stop. 😉

She is looking for a reasonably active family who will take her on a walk every day or couple of days, plus give her toys to play with to keep her brain active. Suzy does love to sleep (like a typical greyhound) & is a great 'roacher' when she is comfortable. She loves all the typical soft, plushy greyhound places to sleep, but will happily lay down on the carpet near you... In fact, Suzy would make a great office companion!

Suzy would consider a home with a cat, as long as kitty is indoors only and reasonably calm. Suzy likes to play, so we don't want a kitty to work her up, as she's a significant size larger than the cat. 😉


  • Gender Female
  • Colour Black
  • Age 5 years 4 months
  • Adoption Fee $350.00
  • Desexed Yes
  • Located Manilla, NSW
  • Microchip Number 956000004254922
  • Source/DAB Number RE130009
  • Available for interstate adoption? Yes
  • Cat tolerant Yes

Medical notes

Suzy does have a medical condition that will require ongoing medication for life. She has an offshoot of Pannus, which is actually her autoimmune system attacking her eyes. This is currently being managed with a cream, which just get popped into her eye. She isn't a fan of the treatment, but is getting used to it and will let you do it with minimal fuss. Suzy's treatment will be needed for her lifetime, however Greyhound Re-Homing will fund all associated expenses with Suzy's Pannus for her lifetime.

Adoption process

To adopt from us, you will need to complete an application form. This can be obtained in several ways:
- The application can be found on our website:
- You can email us at: [email protected]
- You can call us on 0488434378.

Once we have received a completed application from you, we will get to work matching you with suitable hounds. We will then call you to organise a meet and greet with any potential hounds and to discuss the rest of our adoption process.

**Each adoption has a 2 week trial period, however we can be flexible with this.

**Adoption fees are payable at the time of signing the adoption agreement, however we also have the option of a payment plan. Please speak with us about this when we contact you or make note of it on your Adoption Application. Each payment plan will be different and tailored to each family. The terms of this will be included on your Adoption Agreement.

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Greyhound Re-homing NSW on January 13, 2021

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