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Named after the online classified site, Gumtree Greys rescues and rehomes greyhounds from a variety of sources across eastern Australia, with a primary focus on Gumtree online classifieds, regional pounds and directly from trainers.

The majority of greyhounds in Australia are destroyed once they finish racing. Additionally, many more are killed at a young age because they don’t ‘make the grade’ in competitive racing, or are born with conditions that will prevent them from racing at all. Large numbers of greyhound puppies are killed before they even reach a year old.

Unregulated overbreeding of greyhounds is a significant issue in Australia and accounts for large numbers of greyhounds being killed unnecessarily. Many pure breeds of dog are subjected to being used as ‘puppy farms’ to meet demand. As greyhounds are bred purely for racing purposes, the number of greyhounds used as ‘puppy farm’ style breeders far exceeds those of any other dog breed in Australia.

In addition to our rescue and rehoming work, Gumtree Greys also focuses on education and awareness of the tragic plight of these beautiful, gentle dogs and aims to change the public misperception of greyhounds in the community.

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Brisbane City, QLD

I’m Rocky and, just like raccoons, I love my food - I just don’t wash it before I eat it. I have the cutest little overbite, and my tongue is a bit funny at the tip, but nothing gets in...

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Brisbane City, QLD

I’m Gazza, and I’m just about the most peopley pooch around. I love people even more than I love going in the car - and that’s a lot. If I see an open car door, I’m in! Count me in fo...

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